About the team

Favourite Pages is organized by Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, and Michelle at Pink Polka Dot Books. It was previously known as The FFBC Tours (The Fantastic Flying Book Club) and both Michelle and Patricia have been part of the blogging community since 2013 and the FFBC tours started later that same year.

Our love of books is what drives us to help the authors and publishers behind those amazing stories. That's how it all started and we hope we can continue our work for a very long time! 

We offer authors the opportunity to tour with us in exchange for the ability to read their book. Our tours are free of charge.

For any interviews and guest posts from Patri and Michelle, please contact us via email.

Country: Spain & United Kingdom

Patri is the owner and blogger of What Makes Patri (formerly known as TUABFC).

She loves books so much that on 2013 she had to open a website and blog about books (of course!).

Loves romances, watching all the TV shows you can think of, dancing and shopping (even though her bank account doesn't like that). Funny and loud, at times, always looking to engage more in the blogging community and find new bookish friends.

Country: United States

Michelle is the owner and blogger of Pink Polka Dots Books.

Mother, reader, blogger. Former wild-child, lover of Contemporary YA, professional nap taker, potty mouth and wildly inappropriate at times. Lover of fashion and getting glam, always up for making new friends.