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Welcome to your bookish haven!

In order to be eligible to be part of the Favourite Pages team you have to have one or both of the following platforms:

If you have neither of these two platforms but have an alternative platform, please feel free to contact us about your eligibility.

We are aiming for this place to be a safe place for people to chat and promote books in a fun and relaxed way. We do however have some rules and information:
  • No bullying is allowed. If we have any bullying complains amongst bloggers we unfortunately will have to let go of this person. Having different opinions is not considering bullying, however, in order to be fair, we will follow the definition of bullying from here.
  • No discrimination is allowed. Your social background, sexuality or ethnicity will never lead to the lack of participation on this team and/or in any of our promotional events. We will aim to amply #ownvoices reviewers and at the same time give an opportunity to any avid reader.
  • You must be able to accept both physical and digital copies. We will aim to get everyone physical copies, however, we hope you can all understand that not every time this would be possible. In order to keep our discussions and promotions going, we will need to accept some digital copies, too.
  • Your data is safe with us. All the information collected either for events or for giveaways will never be share or sell to anyone. The only people who will be able to receive your information will always be stated on every single sign-up form and it will normally be authors, publishers and/or literary agents. As soon as an event has ended, we always delete our archives and make sure the information is no longer available either on our Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. 
  • Signing up as a tour member is through a specific server. If you sign up to be a host your email goes into our mailchimp database, which allows you to receive sign-ups 2 days in advance from when they become available on our website. This database will only be used for sending out emails for tours and Favourite Pages related information. Opting out is always your choice. 
  • Data warning! Please never share any personal information on our website comments or any other platform where people can easily see/find it. Make sure what's shared publicly here is information you would be okay with other people having. Please note that Google Drive, Dropbox and Mailchimp are private accounts and no one except the Favourite Pages members can access them. 
  • Interviews, Guest posts and Other promotional posts. Please provide your questions by the date requested in the tour schedule email.
  • Missing a promotional event. If you miss your scheduled date, it is not the end of the world, but we would appreciate it if you could let us know beforehand. We understand that unpredictable things happen all the time and we will always help you in any way we can. If a blogger keeps constantly missing tour events they have signed up for, we will reserve the right to not include this person in our future events.
  • Collaboration is key! We love to hear your ideas. This is suppose to be a bookish family, so if you have any fun ideas, projects or events you think we can organise, please let us know and we will aim to make it happen.

We encourage and welcome bloggers' artistic freedom. However, please include the following with your blog tour post:
  • The blog tour banner
  • Link to the tour schedule (we will update the links daily on our site)
  • Book cover
  • Book synopsis.
  • Book purchase links
  • If you review, a rating of some sort.
  • Review or promotional material for your stop.
  • Author bio and working links to her/his website and social media pages.
  • Rafflecopter (provided and administered by us) widget or direct link

Similar rules apply to people participating in our Bookstagrams:
  • The content of the Instagram post is open and bloggers can write whatever they want.
  • Link your post to our tours and the specific book tour we are hosting
  • Tag us (the ffbc), and the tour organisers (as specified on our emails with you)
  • Post the giveaway (if any) following the mandatory entries
  • We highly recommend that you tag other bloggers hosting on the same day as you as well as the following day to send your readers to other sites and get more traffic.

We open tour sign-ups in a post on this page. If you have signed up to be a part of the team, you'll receive an email informing you about the upcoming tour a few days before the sign-ups go public on our blog. We will also promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Once we close the sign-ups, we'll send an email with the tour schedule. Each tour gets a dedicated shared Dropbox folder containing all the information you need to know about that tour.

We recommend that you have a NetGalley and an Edelweiss account. Sometimes we work with physical copies, but these are not usually available for reviewers outside the USA. We will however, do our best to get copies for everyone.

We are currently offering the following types of tours to authors and publishers:

  • The Conventional Tour, which includes our main interview on the first day of the tour, 2 interviews with bloggers, 2 guest posts written by the author for bloggers and reviews of the book
  • The Promotional Tour, which includes our main interview on the first day of the tour and different promotional posts chosen by the author (e.g. Official Dream Cast, Interviews with bloggers, etc.)
  • The Reviews Only Tour, which includes our main interview on the first day of the tour and only reviews of the book
For all interviews, bloggers will be asked to provide 5-7 questions that will be sent to the author by the tour organizer. We always advise authors to skip any questions they do not want to answer or feel uncomfortable answering. If this happens we might ask bloggers to submit additional questions to reach the maximum number of questions per interview.

For all guest posts, bloggers will be asked to provide a minimum of 3 topics that will be sent to the author by the tour organizer unless the topic has already been specified on the sign-up form. We always advise authors to let us know if they do not like/feel comfortable/don't feel inspired by the topics provided by the author. If this happens, we will ask bloggers to submit new topics.

For promotional tours, authors choose what they will write about from a varied list of topics. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Official Book Playlist: This can either be the playlist the author listened to while writing the book or the playlist they think fits their book. 
  • Official Character Playlist: The author will share a playlist built by one of the characters in their book. The author might request that the blogger choose which character they would like a playlist from.
  • Official Dream Cast: The author will pretend their book is being made into a movie and will list the people who they would want to play each of their characters. The people chosen do not necessarily have to be actors. The author might provide only the names of the people chosen with or without an explanation of why they chose that person. Pictures may be included.
  • Tell Your Story in 3 or 5 GIFs: A summary or TLDR of the author's book using only GIFs or GIFs with minimal text.
  • Character Interviews: A 5-7 question interview with a character of the blogger's choosing. The rules for these interviews will be the same as for regular interviews. The blogger can request access to the book in order to do a more concise interview. In this case, we will ask the blogger to review the book at a convenient time for them outside the tour.
  • Video Interviews: The author will record themselves answering 5-7 questions provided by the hosting blogger. The rules for these interviews will be the same as for regular interviews. Formatting of the video is up to the blogger. 
  • Skype Interviews: The blogger will conduct a 5-7 question interview with the author over Skype. The rules for these interviews will be the same as for regular interviews, and the questions will be sent to the author prior to the interview so the author can prepare. The blogger will record the meeting with the author and publish it on their site.
  • Face-2-Face Interviews: We will help you arrange a face to face 5-7 question interview with the author. The interview questions will be sent to the author prior to the meeting and will follow the regular interview rules specified above.
  • Guest Posts with a Given Topic: These guest posts will be offered on the sign-up forms (e.g. "The Creation of the World in the Book" guest post). Bloggers will not have to submit any prompts or guest post topics to the author since they are choosing the topic themselves.
  • Favorite Quotes Reaction: The author will react to the hosting blogger's favorite quotes from their book.
  • Meet the Characters: The author will create a basic profile description of each character. May include pictures.
  • Story Behind the Cover: The author will write about the journey of choosing the cover, the different options they might have had for the cover, the "secrets" in it, how it is related to the story, etc.
  • Deleted Scenes: The author will share scenes/excerpts that were written but not included in the final revision of the book.
  • Top 5 or 10 Lists: The author provides a list related to a topic submitted by the blogger. Topics can be focused on the story/book, the characters and/or the author. The blogger will need to provide a minimum of 3 topics.
  • Book Style: The blogger and/or the author will create a book style board with clothes, colors, and/or accessories that would go with the book cover. Click here to see an example. 
  • Mood Board: The blogger and/or author will create a board with pictures reflecting the story in the book. Quotes can also be included. Click here to see an example. 
If you have any questions about the type of posts offered, please contact the tour organizers by sending an email to

We offer physical and digital copies. However, this is dependant on what publishers offer us. So it will vary depending on the tour.

When we send out via email an invite to our FFBC Team, on the email, it will specify what format do we have for the specific tour, and we will do the same a couple of days later when we post on our website the sign-up post with the links that will be open to all public (subscribers and non-subscribers).

As a mandatory guideline, we appreciate it if everyone signing up to our tours will accept both digital and physical copies since we cannot guarantee, even though we might have been offered physical copies, that everyone participating on the tour will get a physical copy since the publisher will decide who gets one and who gets an e-ARC instead.

If you have any questions about the formats and book copies, please contact the tour organizers by sending an email to

As we all know, authors/publishers/etc. work hard with sometimes very limited resources, and are entrusting us (and you by extension) to follow through on our promises. It takes a lot of time and effort from us (the tour organizers), the publishers, and the authors to organize and put on these tours. Because we take these tours so seriously, we keep track of missed posts and let the author/publisher know when this happens. We do understand that things come up, and that life happens. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to post on your assigned day please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange something. We know this is not always possible and will work with you as long as you stay in touch with us as soon as you are able to. As long as posts are not repeatedly missed/forgotten, and you do not ghost us when we check in with you if you do miss a post, you will not be banned from future tours. If we begin to see a trend of missed posts and lack of communication, though, we will consider other bloggers for future tours.

We never force anyone to promote a book they did not like or do not feel comfortable sharing with their readers. If this happens, please let us know that you did not enjoy the book and the reason why. We will then offer you two options:

  • OPTION A) Host a spotlight. 
  • OPTION B) Be removed from the tour.

What's a spotlight? A spotlight is a promotional post that includes the book and author information and the tour giveaway. Some publishers might share some extra materials with us such as excerpts, playlists, teaser images, etc. You are welcome to include any of those materials in your posts.

Can I include any extra content I created on my spotlight post? Yes. You can add any content you want (e.g. your own playlist, thoughts on why people might like the book, your own dream cast, etc.).

Regardless of the option you choose (leaving or remaining on the tour), please publish your review after the tour has finished and send us the link to your review once it has gone live.

Is there a deadline to submit my review after the tour ends? No, but please don't forget to send us the link! Publishers send these books out in exchange for honest reviews, regardless of their rating, and we want to make sure the publisher knows you posted yours.

If you have read about the work we do here and you accept all the Terms & Conditions displayed above, you are very welcome to be a part of the Favourite Pages Team.

If you have any questions that have not been explained on our site, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

By signing up as a host you will receive invitations to each and every tour. You can change your profile/preferences at any time at the bottom of any email invite.